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Frequently Asked Questions

How many lumens for high bay LED lights?

Various wattage options cater to different height levels:

For heights ranging from 10 to 15 feet, lights with 10,000 to 15,000 lumens are ideal.

Heights between 15 to 20 feet are best served by lights with 16,000 to 20,000 lumens.

Heights spanning from 25 to 35 feet are suited for lights with 33,000 lumens.

Do high bay LED lights get hot?

Hence, there's a common misconception among customers that LED high bay lights produce less heat compared to incandescent lamps. However, this belief is inaccurate. LED high bay lights do generate heat as a byproduct when electricity is transformed into light energy, resulting in partial conversion into heat energy.

What are the benefits of high bay lights?

High bay LED lights boast a lifespan up to 10 times longer than CFL and fluorescent counterparts. Moreover, they emit negligible heat when switched on, offering not only a safety edge but also reducing cooling expenses thanks to their heat-free operation.

What is the height for high bay LED lights?

Comparing high bay versus low bay lighting? Ceiling height serves as the key differentiator. Low bay fixtures suit ceilings ranging from 12 to 20 feet, while high bay light fixtures are optimal for illuminating ceilings spanning 20 to 45 feet.

What are linear high bay lights?

High bay lights are tailored for spaces featuring high ceilings, typically ranging from 12 to 40 feet. Frequently found in warehouses, manufacturing plants, gymnasiums, and large retail stores, linear LED lights deliver bright, even illumination crucial for enhancing productivity and ensuring safety.