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Govee brings you a versatile range of LED tape lighting, including RGBIC light strips, neon light strips, and controlled LED strip lights. With music syncing and color-changing options, our LED strip lights offer endless possibilities. Illuminate, decorate and create an immersive experience with Govee LED strip lighting today.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is COB LED brighter?

Among various types of LEDs, the lumen output varies. For instance, COB LEDs typically offer a minimum of 80 lumens per watt, whereas SMD LEDs provide a range of 50 to 100 lumens per watt. Consequently, COB lights tend to be brighter.

What are the pros and cons of COB LED?

Its advantages include smaller LED bead size, improved protection performance, long lifespan, and low dead light rate. However, drawbacks include challenges in manufacturing finished products and inconvenience in maintenance.

What are the benefits of COB lighting?

Here are some key advantages of COB lights: Energy efficiency: They consume less power while delivering higher output. Lifespan: They offer long-lasting performance, with an expected service life of up to 50,000 hours. Compact design: Their smaller footprint enables more creative and flexible lighting solutions.

Which COB light is best?

Single COB Focus Lights: Among the top choices for false ceiling lighting are focus lights, equipped with a single COB, offering versatility in directing light in any desired direction. Double COB Lights: Featuring two separate lights within a single square panel, double COB lights emit a broad beam of light, effectively illuminating an entire room.

Where do you put a COB light?

Surface-mounted COB LEDs are versatile, serving as both surface ceiling lights and wall-mounted fixtures due to their compact design. They can be accommodated in small cylindrical housings mounted directly onto walls, eliminating the need for ceiling drilling. Additionally, certain COB lights feature pivots for adjusting the direction of light, allowing for targeted illumination of specific areas.