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Govee brings you a versatile range of LED tape lighting, including RGBIC light strips, neon light strips, and controlled LED strip lights. With music syncing and color-changing options, our LED strip lights offer endless possibilities. Illuminate, decorate and create an immersive experience with Govee LED strip lighting today.
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Deerdance RGBW LED Folded Floor Lamp

Deerdance RGBW LED Folded Floor Lamp

$99.99 USD$59.99 USD
The RGBW LED Folded Floor Lamp features four-segment light bars that can be freely adjusted in direction. This foldable floor lamp can be shaped into an upright floor lamp, a...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gaming and Desk Setup ?

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Which lights are ideal for gaming ?

Generally, most gamers prefer gaming LED lights with adjustable brightness and color options. These LED lights for gamers such as Our RGBIC LED Neon Rope Lights, LED Strip Lights, LED Wall Lights, etc., can create a dynamic and immersive gaming environment by allowing customization of colors to match game aesthetics or personal style.

How do I light my room for gaming ?

Consider using a variety of game room lights. For example, use ambient lighting behind the TV or task lighting for your gaming setup. To avoid glare on the screen, you can use customizable RGBIC gaming lights for walls, and opt for dimmable options. Experiment around your space to find the lighting setup that makes your gaming experience more comfortable and personalized.

Are RGBIC and RGB Lights better for gaming ?

RGBIC lights are the latest and most advanced light-displaying technology from Govee because they offer several advantages over traditional RGB lights. One of the key benefits of RGBIC lights is their advanced IC (Independent Control) chip, which allows multiple colors to be displayed on a single strip light simultaneously.

Where are the best places to put LED lights in a gaming room ?

The best place to put LED lights in a gaming room is along the back edges of the desk or gaming setup, behind the monitor or TV, and around any shelving or display areas.