Warm and Cozy Living Room & Bedroom Lighting

These versatile smart lamps, available as floor lamps, standing lamps, table lamps, desk lamps, and bedside lamps, offer an array of convenient features. With DIY modes and exciting music modes, they can serve as a decorative lighting centerpiece in your living room, bedroom, or home office.
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Dreamscape HDMI 2.0 TV Backlight Kit

Dreamscape HDMI 2.0 TV Backlight Kit

$79.99 USD
Enhance your TV viewing experience with the Dreamscape HDMI 2.0 TV Backlight Kit. This kit provides dynamic lighting behind your TV screen, reducing eye strain and adding a stylish ambiance...
DeerTalk vision TV Backlight T1

Deerdance Vision AR Wi-Fi TV Backlight

$59.99 USD
Deerdance Vision AR TV Backlight offers the ultimate visual experience with the first AR Color Match Technology. Enhanced algorithmic power provides more accurate readings for truer colors, while the faster...
RGB Modern LED Floor Lamps with Projection

RGB Modern LED Floor Lamps with Projection

$79.00 USD$63.00 USD
This RGB Modern LED Projection Floor Lamp is incredibly bright, with a maximum output of 1800 lumens, easily brightens up the entire room like bringing sunshine into your house. Great...
Permanent Outdoor Lights

RGBIC LED Permanent Outdoor Lights

$129.00 USD – $199.00 USD
Elevate your home's ambiance with Deerdance outdoor lights, perfect for every celebration from Valentine's Day and Christmas to Halloween and beyond! With 75 scene modes, 16 million colors, and 26...
6 Inch Smart RGBCW Recessed Lights 2 Pack
6 Inch - 2 Pack6 Inch - 4 Pack

6 Inch Smart RGBCW Recessed Lights 2 Pack

$58.99 USD – $98.99 USD
Set the mood with these RGBCW recessed lights, perfect for creating a fun and laid-back atmosphere. Illuminate your space effortlessly and take control without any hassle.
Smart Outdoor String Lights

RGBIC Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Smart Outdoor String Lights

$59.00 USD
Enhance your outdoor ambiance and create a warm, inviting atmosphere for memorable moments with family and friends. Perfect for gardens, patios, backyards, and outdoor gatherings.● APP Control & Controller● Music...
Smart RGBICWW LED Corner Floor Lamp

Deerdance Smart RGBICWW LED Corner Floor Lamp

$85.00 USD$69.99 USD
This elegantly designed, minimalist smart floor lamp provides diffused lighting to create breathtaking surroundings in your home living space. ● Modern Minimalist Design: Brushed aluminum finish and heavy-duty ABS silver-plated...
Deerdance RGBW LED Folded Floor Lamp

Deerdance RGBW LED Folded Floor Lamp

$99.99 USD$59.99 USD
The RGBW LED Folded Floor Lamp features four-segment light bars that can be freely adjusted in direction. This foldable floor lamp can be shaped into an upright floor lamp, a...
Deerdance RGBICWW LED Smart Flood Lights Outdoor

Deerdance RGBICWW LED Smart Flood Lights Outdoor

$85.00 USD$69.00 USD
Illuminate your outdoor space with vibrant displays of light using these LED floodlights. With a selection of over 16 million colors, you can customize each floodlight to enhance your creativity.●...

Frequently Asked Questions

Do outdoor lights help with security?

One primary advantage of outdoor lighting systems is heightened home security. A well-illuminated property acts as a deterrent against various criminal activities, including vandalism, loitering, and burglaries. Motion-activated floodlights stand out as among the top security lighting choices to ensure your home's safety.

Do flood lights deter burglars?

Keeping lights on constantly may not effectively deter crimes. However, with strategic planning and the use of home automation devices, you can leverage lighting to enhance security and achieve greater peace of mind.

Are floodlights a deterrent?

Most burglaries occur during the night, allowing intruders to take advantage of the darkness to gain access to your home. This is why outdoor light fixtures serve as highly effective deterrents. They increase the likelihood of anyone attempting to break into your home being noticed by passers-by.

Where should I put flood lights on my house?

Hence, contemplate positioning floodlights towards the building's corners or adding illumination to each side. In addition to brightening dark corners, avoid placing floodlights in spots that might create shadows.