Warm and Cozy Outdoor Lighting

These Versatile smart lights, are available in various styles like outdoor lights, floor lamps, and more, offer DIY and music modes for decorative lighting for your home.
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Smart Outdoor String Lights

RGBIC Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Smart Outdoor String Lights

$59.00 USD
Elevate your outdoor ambiance and cultivate a welcoming atmosphere for cherished moments with loved ones. Our selection of outdoor string lights and bulb string lights is designed to transform gardens,...

Frequently Asked Questions

How high to hang outdoor string lights?

Typically, it's advisable to position lights at a minimum height of 8-10 feet to ensure ample walking clearance. If you're using larger bulbs, you might consider raising the display height further, depending on personal preference.

What is the best way to hang string porch lights?

Stainless steel screw hooks (or similar cup hooks) are his preferred choice for numerous reasons. "They're simple to install; with sufficient hand strength, pre-drilling holes isn't even necessary," he noted. "They securely support the wire and keep it slightly away from the house."

How low should string lights hang?

The key consideration is ensuring people can walk around comfortably without encountering your string lights or bulbs. Typically, a height of around eight to 10 feet works well for most string lights. However, if you're using larger bulbs, you might prefer to hang the lights slightly higher.

How do you hang outdoor string lights without trees?

Another viable option is to hang them along fence posts or deck railings. Alternatively, you could opt for a metal pole instead of a wooden post, depending on your preference. However, personally, I find wooden posts to be the preferred choice due to their ease of use and affordability.

How do you hang outdoor string lights on a balcony?

Place adhesive hooks along the walls and supports of your balcony for a convenient, nail-free method of displaying your lights. Instead of nailing them in place, simply drape your lights over the hooks throughout your outdoor area. When it's time to remove the lights, simply pull the adhesive strips off the wall.