Protect Large Areas with Bright LED's and Siren

Enhance your home or business security with our advanced Security Cameras. Featuring high-definition video quality, night vision, floodlight, motion detection, and remote viewing capabilities, these cameras offer round-the-clock surveillance.
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Outdoor Security Floodlight Camera

Outdoor Security Floodlight Camera

$69.99 USD
Protect your home day and night with Deerdance Wired Floodlight Camera. This smart security camera features 1800 lumens of LED lighting, enhanced motion detection, and a built-in 110dB security siren....

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective are security lights?

Can outdoor security lights discourage burglars? Absolutely - burglars typically target homes lacking visible security measures. Since most break-ins occur at night, when intruders can easily enter homes unnoticed, outdoor light fixtures serve as highly effective deterrents for these reasons.

How high should a security light be mounted?

For optimal performance, motion sensor lights are typically positioned at a height of 6 to 10 feet (1.8 to 3 meters) above the ground, facing downward. The higher the placement of the lights, the broader the area they will illuminate.

Should security lights be on all night?

Is it advisable to keep outdoor lights on during the night? No, leaving lights constantly illuminated may signal to intruders that the home is unoccupied. Instead, consider installing motion sensor lights that activate when you, or anyone else, approaches, ensuring illumination only when necessary.

How do I choose a security light?

Opt for LED lights, renowned for their energy efficiency and durability. Incorporate motion sensors or timers to ensure lights activate only as required. Select fixtures and bulbs with minimal environmental impact, including recyclable materials and reduced energy consumption.

Should security cameras be above or below lights?

Security cameras are most effective when positioned beneath light fixtures. This arrangement allows the light to illuminate the camera's field of view, ensuring clear recordings. Additionally, it prevents the fixture from obstructing the camera's perspective.