Surround Your Living Room with Colors

Make your home decor come to life with our unique TV lights. Place the lights around your TV to create breath-taking effects you can enjoy.
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Dreamscape HDMI 2.0 TV Backlight Kit

Dreamscape HDMI 2.0 TV Backlight Kit

$79.99 USD
Enhance your TV viewing experience with the Dreamscape HDMI 2.0 TV Backlight Kit. This kit provides dynamic lighting behind your TV screen, reducing eye strain and adding a stylish ambiance...
DeerTalk vision TV Backlight T1

Deerdance Vision AR Wi-Fi TV Backlight

$59.99 USD
Deerdance Vision AR TV Backlight offers the ultimate visual experience with the first AR Color Match Technology. Enhanced algorithmic power provides more accurate readings for truer colors, while the faster...

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people use backlighting on their TV?

The first thing ofcourse is that it looks cool. Bias lighting, also known as backlighting, involves placing LED lights behind a television or computer monitor. This trend has gained significant traction in recent times as people increasingly opt to enhance their screens with LEDs. Beyond aesthetic appeal, bias lighting serves a crucial function: mitigating eye strain and fatigue.

Should I get a backlight for my TV?

Backlighting your TV not only enhances the room's aesthetics but also creates a more comfortable and visually appealing atmosphere. LED lights contribute to an immersive viewing experience, transforming the mood of the entire room.

Is a backlit TV better for your eyes?

This can result in symptoms like dry eyes, dizziness, and headaches. By incorporating a light source behind your TV, you increase the overall ambient light in the room, alleviating strain on your eyes. This allows for extended periods of television viewing or work with fewer adverse effects.

Are lights behind TV worth it?

Placing lighting behind your screen rather than in front of it resolves any color or contrast discrepancies. Dark scenes or colors appear richer against a white illuminated backdrop. The image below illustrates how dark colors blend into a dark background.

What color should TV backlight be?

To ensure optimal viewing experience, it's advised to match the color temperature of bias lighting to the standard 6500K cool white found in HDTVs and monitors. Additionally, selecting bias lighting with a high color-rendering index (CRI) will further enhance the appearance of your screen.