Frequently Asked Questions

Will LED strip lights ruin paint?

Here's the scoop: the primary concern for your walls lies in the adhesive you choose and the quality of the paint, rather than the lights themselves. Certain types of sticky tape, if removed forcefully, could peel off paint or leave a sticky residue.

What are the cons of LED strip lights?

Diminish in Brightness: Despite being designed to endure more than ten thousand operational hours, frequent use can lead to the bulb burning out prematurely.

Higher Initial Cost:

Minor Variations in Light Intensity.

Do LED strips waste a lot of electricity?

The potential for savings is substantial - LEDs consume up to 85% less electricity compared to traditional incandescent lighting, and approximately 18% less electricity than CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps).

Can LED strip lights get wet?

Where Waterproof LED Lights Can Be Used: InStyle's IP65 (splash-proof) LED strip lights are suitable for installation in any indoor area. IP67-rated waterproof LED strip lights are completely waterproof, allowing them to be used in any location - even outdoors - as long as they are not permanently submerged.

How to cancel my order?
  • Please log in to your website account. (If you don't have one, please register an account.)
  • Navigate to the "My Account" page to select the order
  • Then, click on "Cancel Order," choose the reason, and confirm.
  • *Please note that order cancellation is only applicable to unfulfilled orders.
Why don’t my strip lights connect to WiFi?
  • Our Wi-Fi strip lights are compatible with 2.4G internet exclusively. If you have a dual-band router, please ensure separate SSIDs for 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi networks.
  • Ensure a strong Wi-Fi signal by positioning the LED light strip closer to the router or restarting the router if needed.
  • Enter the correct Wi-Fi password without any spaces in the last character, and ensure there are no special settings (e.g., MAC address filtering) enabled on your router.

If troubleshooting is required:

  • Perform a reset on the strip light: while powering on the strip light, press the middle button on the control box four times while holding the power button.
  • Test the strip light's functionality by enabling your phone's hotspot and connecting the strip light to it for testing.

Should I create my account before placing an order on your website?

You can order on our website without creating an account.

What can I do after creating an account at your store?

Once your account is created, you have the option to modify or cancel your order prior to dispatch. Additionally, you can download the invoice and request a refund.

How do I use the discount code?

Copy the coupon and apply it at checkout.

Can I redeem multiple discount codes?

You can only redeem one discount at a time.

Why can't I recieve my new customer discount?

We offer a new customer discount to all first-time subscribers at our store. Upon subscribing, please verify your email inbox and confirm the subscription. Following confirmation, the system will automatically send you the new customer discount.

Why am I not able to use the referral code I have?

Customers utilizing a referral code must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Be a new customer
  • Make a minimum purchase of $10
  • Employ a referral code that remains valid
  • Utilize a referral code that has not been redeemed previously
I forgot to use my discount code during the purchase. Can I refund the difference?

As long as the discount code was valid at the time of your purchase, you can have the difference refunded.

How to start a return?
  • Please log in to your website account. (Please register an account if you haven't already done so.)
  • Navigate to the "My Account" page and select the order you wish to return.
  • Click on "Return Order."
  • Then, click on "+create" to initiate a return request. Please specify the product, quantity, and reason for the return before submitting.
  • Send the product to the address provided and upload the tracking number. If the return is due to product quality issues, we will review it and provide a resolution within 1 working day.
How to update the shipping address?
  • Log in your website account.(Please kindly register an account if you don’t have one.)
  • Please choose the order you want to return in “My account” page.
  • Please click “Update Shipping Address”.
  • Please enter your email address and get the verification code and then you will be able to update the shipping address.
  • *Please kindly note that address modification only for unfulfilled orders.
How do I install the strip lights using the adhesive?
  • Make sure to carefully peel off the protective paper layer from the strip lights.
  • Utilize a dust-free cloth to cleanse the installation surface, removing any dust and oil residue.
  • Affix the strip lights onto a dry, clean surface.
  • Avoid touching the adhesive with your fingers. Apply pressure to the strip for 10-30 seconds after sticking it.
  • The recommended operating temperature range for the strip lights is -20°C to 40°C (-68°F to 104°F).
  • If the installation temperature is below 10°C, use a hairdryer to warm the adhesive before attaching the strip lights.
Why are my lights unresponsive to my remote?
  • Do not put the bulb at a shielded container, or its sensor maybe affected.
  • Please pull out the insulation sheet from the remote.
  • Please note that the remote should be faced with the bulb at the same room.
  • Please check if the remote battery is well installed.
  • Need more help, please feel free to contact us via